Are You Affected by the Identity Theft? Check Secure Online

In early April German authorities discovered a major case of identity theft 18 million combinatio

Hacked Evernote sends fake phishing email that redirects to domain

Last week the Evernote servers got breached. Evernote did a great job disclosing the breach.

Court: Gov't Can Secretly Obtain Email, Twitter Info From Ex-WikiLeaks Volunteer Jacob Appelbaum

E-mail scam from so called Bank director that wishes to send me 19mill dollars

Yes. I sometimes take a look at an e-mail account that i use for signing up on random websites.

Made in Canada not a perfect solution to secure new email system, cyber spook says

OTTAWA — No matter where the pieces of a new federal email system is built or developed, an

New scam hits the market: domain names are wanted in China

Today I opened an e-mail titled Regarding“ cyberwarzone”Brand.

STRATFOR: Emails Expose Eu And Covert War Waged By Israel Against Iran

 February 26th, 2012, The Publisher Wikileaks started to publish The Global Intelligence Files. These Intelligence files consist of over 5 million emails from the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. In the email titled Isreal/Iran Barak Hails Munitions Blast In Iran, reveals a covert war between Israel and Iran. This email also reveals Israel’s largest military partners. Link to emails here. Further information on how Israel can not live with a nuclear Iran can be found here courtesy of Cablegate.


FBI SCAM Email on the lose: FBI official notice

Gregory D. Evans is active again, i just received the e-mail below in my inbox. First it was Joe Black that almost tricked me and now Gregory D. Evans is trying to trick me. Noobs.