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'Anonymous Drones': US, Pakistan seek to dodge charges over strikes

The US is denying accusations it's behind deadly drone strikes in Pakistan last month, saying

Anonymous: Combating Drones

Greetings citizens of the United States and the world.

Armed drones hijacked in New York City: drones fire at Times square & crash

Times Square a major commercial intersect


Distributed systems to hibernate in deep-sea capsules for years, wake up when commanded, and depl

Top 10 Drones in the world

This video that I found on Youtube is a collection of shots taken from several drones.

Commander: Iran Possesses Highly Advanced Drone Squadrons

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran has managed to manufacture a large number of hi-tech Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

DHS to start testing drones over US for 'public safety'

Don’t be surprised if you catch a federal fleet of sneaky spy drones soaring over your head in the near future, but don’t be too terrified — it’s all in the name of public safety.

The US Department of Homeland Security is asking the makers of small unmanned aerial vehicles to submit their crafts for consideration as the agency ramps up the construction of a full-fledged surveillance state across America. The DHS plans to soon conduct drone tests over the Fort Sill, Oklahoma US Army base, and they’re already soliciting spy planes from the private sector so they can select what kind of UAV to use.

New israeli drones role in iran attack


Working from high altitudes, the Eitan will likely be used to provide prestrike information on targets, to eavesdrop on electronic communications and to send battle damage assessments back after an attack.


It will also undoubtably be used to monitor any retaliation for the airstrike—seeking rocket launches and eavesdropping on Iran.

The onboard power required to electronically jam radar and communications equipment is not in the Eitan, Israeli defense industry officials told the trade journal Defense News. But the ability to carry so much weight opens up questions about the drones' ability to conduct long-range, high-risk bombing missions on their own.

Pre battle intelligence for Marjah

Before the battle started on the ground, RAF Tornados, flying high above the central Helmand Valley, began gathering intelligence by scanning the terrain below with targeting pods, searching for signs of insurgent activity.

The information was instantly relayed to mission headquarters in a secure bunker at Kandahar airbase, where analysts monitoring banks of computers began to sift through the intelligence and relay vital information back to troops on the front line.