The downfall of 'Utopia' and the rise of 'SilkEye' marketplace

It has just been a day and there is already a new underground marketplace that is similar to the Utopia marketplace and the ‘Black Market Reloaded’ marketplace. The Dutch National Police published a post on their official website that they have seized the ‘Utopia’ marketplace and that they will not give anyone else a different approach.

'Utopia' black market server seized by Dutch National police

The Dutch National police has seized the 'Utopia' server which is running on the dark net

80% of underground forum users can be identified using linguistics

Darknet: Marianas web and the other levels

Marianas web is the deepest, darkest part of the internet. it cannot be accessed using a regular browser or regular methods. 

The DarkNet is made for anonymity; the sharing of information without fear of detection or prosecution. Due to its nature this attract many people, both bad and good. some to speak freely of political jurisdiction and others to engage in all manners of illegal activity.

Anonymous: #OpDarknet Official and Last Release

OpDarknet released a file yesterday on PasteBin statin

Ashiyane: The darknet warez security forum in Iran

Ashiyane is a Persian website that is moderated by the Iranian government.