Xtreme RAT Source code available on Google Secure site for €350

Xtreme RAT is a Remote Access Trojan that can be used to steal information and receive commands f

Remote Code Execution on Paypal-Makerting Video

Improving Organisational Resiliance To APT Attacks

The term Advanced Persistent Threats ( APT) is commonly used in reference to the cyber threat&nbs

OpenSSL Vulnerability Test Tool Pacemaker

OpenSSL memory leak the Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptogr

OpenSSL Memory leak Bug might affected Tor Component

A new OpenSSL memory leak  vulnerability which can be used to reveal memory to a connected c

U.S. FTC Watchdog Charges Napster founder for Jerk Website


Watch Super Ninja Hacker Girl Talks Cyber Security

Get cyber security  information from Super Ninja hacker Girl,she goes on a talk-show to disc

Real Time Cyber Threat Map

Security firm Kaspersky Labs has launched an interactive cyber threat map that lets viewers see c

Kim Dotcom Goes To Politic

Internet tycoon Kimdotcom launches a political party to contest New Zealand's elections.

Video Anonymous Response to an APD shooting that killed homeless camper

The international hacktivist group released in new video in response to an APD shooting that kill