Ponemon study - SQL Injection attacks too dangerous for organizations

Persistent XSS in Top Website enables large-Scale DDoS attack

Multi-agency operation dismantled the indecent children images ring on Tor


TDoS products evolution in the underground market

Danco Danchev profiled a new TDoS product sold in underground based on 3G USB modem/GSM/SIM card, cybercrime is increasing its interest in such attacks.

Target announces customer data leak was bigger, 70 million victims

The giant US retailer Target announces that the extent of the credit-card leak was even bigger, further 70 million customers are victims of the data breach.

Bitcoin case - How cybercriminals exploit typosquatting



Cybercrime – Al Assam Alaikum directly linked to Russian Business Network

US law enforcers suggest a kill switch for mobile and Apple adapts

Liberty Reserve suspension and impact on criminal underground

Liberty Reserve is a private currency exchange system issued by Liberty Reserve S.A. Of San José, Costa Rica that was shut down by US law enforcement with a deep impact on cybercriminal underground. The popular money transfer service is used mainly by cyber criminals, it is the most adopted payment services in the Russian underground considered most active criminal community in the cyber space. Liberty Reserve, founded by Arthur Budovsky, is considered a secure payment channel by criminals due the anonymity of the transactions, it is considered the official currency schema for cybercrime.

Sophisticated social engineering campaign hits French company

Social Engineering hackers have used an sophisticated attack on French-speaking accounting and fi