FBI,content monitoring,backdoors & Going Dark…shake well before use

Social Networks represent a rich mine of information of great interest for researchers, cybercri

Flashback Trojan, a business opportunity for all


DNSChanger , much ado about nothing and the wrong choice


Anonymous,from OpTrialAtHome to the streets,is time for changing


Medicaid incident. How much cost a data breach?


Cyber terrorism, cyber attacks against al Qaeda 2.0

Verizon Report, the wind of hacktivism pushes cybercrime


Hacker 0xOmar: Secret data leaked from Virtual Israeli Air Force Schools

The hacker 0xOmar targeted the Virtual Israeli Air Force websites. In total the hacker attacked 4 websites. 0xOmar published his gathered information on pastebin. You can find 0xOmar his website here. 

0xOmar has targeted multiple websites before. You can see the list of 0xOmar pastebins at the bottem of the page. 

Cybersecurity: South Africa Cybercrime portal is an awareness portal intended for informational purposes.

Young cyber army, cyber threat or resource to enhance?

 We live in economically tumultuous days and even more in the cyberspace.