Federal government launches cyber-security campaign

OTTAWA — The best way to fight the growing threat of cybercrime is through prevention, whic

Cyberwar: Japan eyes private firms help on cyber attacks

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan plans to work more closely with private companies by sharing information

FREE MMORPG: A haven for cyber terrorists and cybercriminals

The best place for a criminal or terrorist is to hit the online world.

The Cyber Security Network is the community to share news, resources, ideas, and papers on Cyberspace issues.

The 3 headed monster: Iranian Cyber Army helping Lulzsec and Anonymous ?

This message came along on twitter, could it be possible that these groups are working together?<

NCSC: Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum: Dutch National Cyber Security Centre is in the making

The government will soon work on a Cyber Security Agenda and Centre.

The inside threat: Cyber Security Fake Consulting

cyber security fake consulting

The latest Cyber Security that was targeted by Lulzsec was the Cyber Security Consulting company Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting, LLC.As soon as the news spread about the Lulzsec attack the infosec community started a research on the Black & Berg company.

Dalibor Vlaho on Cyber Security aspects

Cyber Security in your company: Do you have a social media protocol?

At the Cyber Security 2011 event this question came up.

Protecting Critical National Infrastructure from the Cyber Threat

First of all I want to thank Defence iQ for organizing the Cyber Security 2011 event at Le Plaza, Brussels, Belgium and I also thank the speakers at the event and the people that were attending the event. I believe that the Cyber security 2011 event was a great networking opportunity and that it helped to create a better understanding about the Cyber Security world. I also believe that such events can build a trusted environment for the governments and that it will help to achieve transparency.