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Cybersecurity: NSA crafting cyber guidelines

The National Security Agency is developing cybersecurity guidelines to apply to its own systems a

Cybersecurity Question: Border Laptop Checks & Confidentiality

 Assume an information security incident manager arrives at an airport carrying a corporate

Top G-Man warns that hackers will pose a greater danger to US National security

The top G-man is warning Congress that hackers will pose a greater danger to US national security than terrorists in the not-too-distant future.

FBI Director Robert Mueller warned Congress that “down the road, the cyber threat will be the number one threat to the country.”
Mueller and James Clapper, director of national intelligence, were making the rounds on Capitol Hill this week, testifying before both the House and Senate intelligence committees.
In prepared remarks before the House committee, Clapper warned that the US has seen a “dramatic increase in malicious cyber activity targeting US computers and networks”.

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People have been working on computer system security for at least 30 years.

Terrorism acts vs cyber threats, new offense scenarios

 We are at an historical turning point today in U.S., and the situation is similar all over

The US national cyber-security threats


FBI Director Says Cyberthreat Will Surpass Threat From Terrorists

 Threats from cyber-espionage, computer crime, and attacks on critical infrastructure will surpass terrorism as the number one threat facing the United States, FBI Director Robert Mueller testified today.

Mueller and National Intelligence Director James Clapper, addressing the annual Worldwide Threat hearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, cited their concerns about cyber-security and noted that China and Russia run robust intrusion operations against key U.S. industries and the government.

“I do not think  today it is necessarily [the] number one threat, but it will be tomorrow,” Mueller said. “Counterterrorism — stopping terrorist attacks — with the FBI is the present number one priority. But down the road, the cyberthreat, which cuts across all [FBI] programs, will be the number one threat to the country.”


Cyberwarfare: cyber warfare leading to a new type of arms race?

There are a surprising number of parallels between cyber warfare and nuclear warfare, reportsPubl

Education: Massive list of free Cyber Security related video courses

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