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Cyberwarfare: Israel and Iran, expense, capabilities & cyber strategies

Eugene Kaspersky Presents "The threats of the Age of cyber-warfare"

Eugene Kaspersky presents on the cyber crime landscape and the threats of the age of cyber-warfare during Kaspersky Lab's Cyber Security Symposium and Global Corporate Product Launch.

Hackers have breached top secret MoD systems, cyber-security chief admits

Computer hackers have managed to breach some of the top secret systems within the Ministry of Def

Panel Discussion: Cyber Security Cooperation: Bringing Nations Together

A discussion on cyber warfare and international cooperation as part of Kaspersky Lab's cyber con

Stuxnet “neutralized” – Who sows the wind storm gathers!


Critical infrastructures & manipulation of the name Anonymous

MASINT discipline & critical infrastructures

Cyber ​​chess, a game just begun


Why the use of a cyber weapon has proved a winner?

 In recent months one of the topics of greatest interest in the international scientific community has been the development of new cyber weapons to use against hostile countries.

What dominates, without any doubt, was the use of viruses and other malware to attack critical infrastructure of the opponents. The Stuxnet case did school, for sure behind its development there are government structures, most likely in the U.S. and Israel.

Cybersecurity market, reflections on the future

 Just yesterday I was impressed by a news published on a web site that announced that global