cyber espionage

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Banking trojan hit a large number of Islamic Mobile Banking Customers

Pwn2Own 2013 Contest – Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 0-day exploits

From CISPA to Obama’s executive order on national cybersecurity


Israel vs Iran.The strategic importance of 5th domain,the cyberspace

Time passes and the dispute between Iran and Israel is becoming increasingly more complex to manage. Apparently everything seems crystallized waiting for one of the contenders make the first move, in fact, both states are boosting investment in the development of their cyber capabilities.

Team GhostShell hacktivists against temples of knowledge

Adobe Code Signing Certificate used to sign malware, who to blame?


Malware,Botnet & cyber threats,what is happening to the cyberspace?

The article proposes an analysis of the main cyber threats that worry security experts and that are profoundly changing the cyber space. The exponential growth of the number of cyber threats and attacks is rebutted by a wide range of statistical provided by reports published by the major security firms. The scenario is really scaring due concomitant action of cybercriminals, hacktivists and state-sponsored hackers that are producing malware and botnets of increasing complexity.


Dangerous waves of malware are transforming cyberspace in a jungle


Japan institutions victim of cyber espionage, is it cyber warfare?

UK cyber strategy discussed in ISC report 2011/2012

The elaboration of a proper cyber strategy is one the main target of intelligence services all ar