Cyber Attack

Capital One Targeted Again in Cyber Attack Spree

Capital One's (COF) website was disrupted Tuesday as part of an ongoing string of cyber attacks on U.S. financial institutions by a group claiming to be allied with radical Muslims.  

A spokesperson said the bank experienced "intermittent" issues with some of its online systems "due to a denial of service attack." The issues caused a "minimal impact" to the majority of its customers, according to the spokesperson. 


Chinese hackers linked to breach of control systems used in electric grids

Attackers breached Telvent's network, the company has informed its customers in a letter. Telvent is the maker of an industrial control system that remotely controls smart grid networks used in portions of the electric grid.

Telvent told its customers that on Sept. 10, it learned that hackers had breached its internal firewall and security systems, implanted malicious software, and stolen project files.


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Back in the late ’90s, the president of a prominent U.S.

How the US Should Respond to Stuxnet Disclosure

“Yes, we did it. We’re going to do it again if what you do is bad.”

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 Today I have read several articles where is hypothesized an imminent cyber attacks of 

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