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Cyberwarfare: Dutch MoD releases Defense Cyber Strategy

At long last, the Dutch Ministry of Defense has published a crucial piece of Cyber Doctrine by pu

Cyberwarfare: Real Bullets for Digital Attacks

 In May of last year, the US Government published its International Strategy for Cyberspace. The publication made some waves in the international community because in this document the US stated that military reprisals to cyber attacks were now officially on the table.

More specifically, the US government stated that it ‘encouraged responsible behavior and oppose those who would seek to disrupt networks and systems, dissuading and deterring malicious actors and reserving the right to defend these national security and vital national assets as necessary and appropriate’ [emphasis mine].

Black & Berg Consulting: Joe Black his Press Release

 Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting, LLC

The inside threat: Cyber Security Fake Consulting

cyber security fake consulting

The latest Cyber Security that was targeted by Lulzsec was the Cyber Security Consulting company Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting, LLC.As soon as the news spread about the Lulzsec attack the infosec community started a research on the Black & Berg company.