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How a Secret Cyberwar Program like Stuxnet Worked

Programmers at the National Security Agency and in the Israeli military created a series of worm

Cyber warfare technology will be used by terrorists, says Eugene Kaspersky

CYBER weapons can cause as much real damage as conventional attacks and there is nothing

Security Powerhouses McAfee and CloudShield Offer a New Sensor-based Approach to Detect and Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threats

McAfee Network Threat Response running on the CloudShield CS-4000 platform is the latest advancem

VIKING Project: SCADA vulnerabilities?? Bring it on!

During a conference I heard about a project called The VIKING project.

Protecting Critical National Infrastructure from the Cyber Threat

First of all I want to thank Defence iQ for organizing the Cyber Security 2011 event at Le Plaza, Brussels, Belgium and I also thank the speakers at the event and the people that were attending the event. I believe that the Cyber security 2011 event was a great networking opportunity and that it helped to create a better understanding about the Cyber Security world. I also believe that such events can build a trusted environment for the governments and that it will help to achieve transparency.