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Snowden leak: Spy agencies use sex and cyber attacks to descredit targets

Intelligence agents working for the United Kingdom have employed “dirty tricks” inclu

From Spy to Source to Convict

WASHINGTON — Looking back, John C. Kiriakou admits he should have known better.

VIDEO: The "Secret" experiments of the CIA

This video tells the story of the history of the CIA.

On the Run from the CIA: The Experiences of a Central Intelligence Agency Case Officer

Agee stated that his Roman Catholic social conscience had made him increasingly uncomfortable wit

The “Intelligent Objects” that surround us

Article published on The Malta Indipendent on December 9th 2012

Technology in the last decade has assumed a fundamental role in our daily lives.  We are increasingly surrounded by discrete intelligent components designed to provide us with more sophisticated choices designed to enhance our personal experience and quality of life.  From our phones, to our home security system, to the refrigerator in our house, an increasing number of devices are constantly connected to the internet and with each other.

The Danish agent, the Croatian blonde and the CIA plot to get al-Awlaki

[Video] CIA Modern warfare: Inside The Drone War

They were the invisible warriors in Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently Libya.

War, espionage, and the term of the day: Cyber espionage is not cyberwar

Right now there is a hell of a great deal of FUD stating that the US has instigated cyber-war usi

Stuxnet & Duqu, update on cyber weapons usage

Japan and the privacy contradictions