Video: Visualizing Botnets

A one minute slice of geolocated hosts that are infected with malware and unwittingly participati

McAfee Report on alarming growth of cyber threats

 I find really interesting the report released by security firms regarding the principal cyber threats and the related evolution. This time I desire to share the data proposed in the by McAfee Labs in its McAfee Threats Report - First Quarter 2012.

Let's start observing that this first part of year have registered an impressive increase of the malware diffusion, the experts believe that the trend of growth will be consolidated during the current year, and the area which could suffer more the incoming cyber threats will be the mobile. The number of malware in mobile environment has quadrupled respect the last year and the almost all of the agents isolated are new and related to the Android OS based devices ( 87%).

Flashback Trojan, a business opportunity for all


Darkness Botnet and Russian Politics

This complements the piece by my colleague, Khatuna Mshvidobadze, immediately below.  It is

DNSChanger and the FBI’s internet blackout on 8 March


PDF: Your Botnet is My Botnet : Analysis of a Botnet Takeover

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Team Cymru the video series 51 to 60

Team Cymru Research NFP is a specialized Internet security research firm and 501(c)3 non-profit d

Team Cymru the video series 31 to 40

Team Cymru Research NFP is a specialized Internet security research firm and 501(c)3 non-profit d

Smartphones botnet 8000 smartphones infected

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Spanish police arrests masterminds behind botnet

Spanish police have revealed that they have arrested three men responsible for one of the world's biggest networks of virus-infected computers.

All are Spanish citizens with no criminal records and limited hacking skills.