45 Million dollar hack: Mastermind shot dead, Dutch mother & son jailed

The German government published today that they have arrested two Dutch persons that have played a role in the 45 Million hack. The mastermind Alberto Yusi Lajud-Peña has been shot dead while he was playing a game of Domino's. 

ING CEO: cyber attacks were incidents

AMSTERDAM - The recent cyber attacks on ING Bank were "incidents". That said ING C

#AntiSec hacked Bank of Bulgaria and nobody noticed

Passwords of all credit cards in 15 countries have been leaked

One of the members of Anonymous has chosen to leak all the credit card passwords in to one s

E-mail scam from so called Bank director that wishes to send me 19mill dollars

Yes. I sometimes take a look at an e-mail account that i use for signing up on random websites.

Female bank robber gets caught after posting evidence on Youtube

A woman accused of a Waco, Neb., bank robbery apparently made a YouTube video bragging about it b

KBank issues ATM advisory to customers

Bank Of America Sends New Debit Card To APO Address, Then Remembers They Don’t Send Cards To APO Addresses

Brett’s Bank of America debit card stopped working.

Big US Banks Under Active Attack, Napolitano Warns

The shutdown of New York's financial sector caused by Hurricane Sandy is a stark reminder of

Hackers hold bank to ransom over stolen data

A group of hackers has attempted to ext