Bahrain police torturing protesters to death: cops jailed now

BREAKING: Protesters run over & Anonymous masks are banned

The world is in a dark period as the need of Anonymous is needed.

SHOCKING: Bahraini protester run over by pro-regime militia

New footage shows pro-regime militiamen in Bahrain being sent to the streets to confront anti-reg

Video: NEW Egyptian President finally announced

After days of delay, the Egyptian electoral commission has announced the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi as the winner of the county's presidential election.

Egyptians cast their ballots in a two-day presidential runoff election on June 16 and 17.

The delay in the announcement of the run-off's results had fueled widespread suspicions that the returns were being negotiated rather than counted.

Anonymous: Anonymous target Bahrain US munitions manufacturer

Combinedsystems defaced and rm'd by anonymous on anniversary of Bahrain uprising.. During my search on youtube i crossed on this Anonymous video claiming to target Bahrain US manufacturer. The video has an link attached to "CSI rooted and many others by Antisec on Bahrain Anniversary" pastebin file. In the pastebin file there was an link to an zip file named