Chinese CNCERT report raises the alarm on attacks originated overseas

Apple decrypts seized iPhones for law enforcement


Hack In The Box: researcher reveals ease of Huawei router access

Researcher Felix "FX" Lindner has

Mahdi campaign, ongoing cyber-espionage in the Middle East

 Again another great investigation of the excellent team of Kaspersky lab and its partner Seculert firm has discovered an ongoing campaign to conduct a large scale infiltration of computer systems in the Middle East area.

The raise of Multi-platform malware

Chinese Regime Has Backdoor Access to US weapons, nuclear power plants and public transports.

A recent study found that a U.S.

Syria: RAT uncomfortable assumptions on the control of dissidents

The public opinion is daily informed regarding the situation in Syria that is still critic, according UN representative in the country several clashes are undermining a virtual ceasefire.

FBI,content monitoring,backdoors & Going Dark…shake well before use

Social Networks represent a rich mine of information of great interest for researchers, cybercri

Cyber Security Tools list 2012

This list is an collection of cyberwarfare and cybercrime tools.

Spanish police arrests masterminds behind botnet

Spanish police have revealed that they have arrested three men responsible for one of the world's biggest networks of virus-infected computers.

All are Spanish citizens with no criminal records and limited hacking skills.