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#AntiSec hacked Bank of Bulgaria and nobody noticed

Final words & leaks from LolSec: 12 000 emails leaked

Last night we got suspended from twitter!

#AntiSec releases creditcard details of 13 #FBI agents in retaliation for the arrest of @BarrettBrownLOL

We didn't plan this #FFF. It just happened....AND THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS.Lulz.

AntiSec steals 1M Apple UDID from FBI notebook with an exploit


Anonymous’ new timeline of FBI infiltration suggests Antisec may have been an FBI creation

Today, the @YourAnonNews Twitter account theorized that Antisec, which was created just before LulzSec began retreating into Anonymous, was in fact the creation of the FBI.

At the time of Antisec’s inception, there was some chatter within the hacking community that LulzSec created Antisec in order to stage some misdirection—to get authorities looking elsewhere.
Almost simultaneously, if memory serves, some observers were even suggesting that government authorities, whether in the US or UK and elsewhere, were bearing down on LulzSec.
YourAnonNews has created a document laying out the timelines of the FBI’s activity with Sabu and the rise of Antisec, and it’s a very enlightening read.
For instance, the first mention of Antisec occurs on June 4, 2011, when The Lulz Boat Twitter feed tweets, “So gather round, this is a new cyber world and we’re starting it together. There will be bigger targets, there will be more ownage. #ANTISEC.” On June 7th, as we know, the FBI paid a visit to Sabu and got him singing arias.

AntiSec: Panda Labs targeted for allegedly working with law enforcement

 Panda Security’s blog and several other sub-domains were defaced Tuesday evening by s