Russia announces new restrictions Law on the Internet freedom

The Russian Parliament Duma has just adopted a law introducing new rules Russian bloggers will have to abide.

The new law incorporates a package of bills for effective struggle against terrorism and extremism,.The law introduces a new term: “Internet user called blogger.” Bloggers will be obliged to declare their family name and initials and e-mail address.

OpenSSL Heartbleed Flaw Test websites

U.S.Officials and security experts recommend that people refrain from logging into a website and

Are You Affected by the Identity Theft? Check Secure Online

In early April German authorities discovered a major case of identity theft 18 million combinatio

BREAKING: Anonymous launches #opMcDonalds 2014

You Should Probably Read This Before You Order That Next McDonald's Meal.

U.S. Defence Deparment Provides tips OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability

The Unitede States Department of Defence Richard A.

Anonymous - Turkey Net Aid Package

To the fascist government of Turkey. We are anonymous. Recently, during the past weeks, we have witnessed your deteriorating issues concerning communications, free speech, and the freedom of the press. With the recent ban you have placed on Twitter. You have proved to the citizens of all nations that you, Erdogan, do not care about your people, nor do you care about their voices and opinions. Your only care is your authority, dominance, and your odious ways to further suppress the Turkish people from shouting their cries of freedom.

New video: Anonymous USAID "Cuban Twitter" to Create Violent Uprisings

Citizens of the World, We are Anonymous. Last week, a report accused the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) of running a "covert" project to build a Twitter-like social network in Cuba to stir political unrest in the island. ZunZuneo was a social network marketed to Cubans that was like a stripped-down version of Twitter. The network allowed subscribers to send and receive free updates via text message since US AID covered all the expenses. The AP reported that its operators, once the service reached "critical mass" intended to send political content to the subscribers, in the hopes of inspiring "smart mobs" and an eventual "Cuban Spring." The service, started in 2010, was retired two years later, due to lack of funds.

New video: Anonymous - Message To The APD

Recently, a video has been released to the public which shows Albuquerque Police Officers murdering a man in cold blood for 'illegally camping'. This man, which was schizophrenic, obviously had no intention of hurting these police officers, on the contrary, this man looks as if he is simply attempting to protect himself from visually fierce militarized thugs. Whether this man had a history of crime is irrelevant. We drastically need to address the growing police state that has occupied the United States. 

Xtreme RAT Source code available on Google Secure site for €350

Xtreme RAT is a Remote Access Trojan that can be used to steal information and receive commands f

Heartbleed First Data Breach Arrest

Canadian Police arrested a 19 years old man for hacking Canada Revenue Agency website.