Cryptolock attack on smartphones in the future?

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. Your smartphone is your enemy and your friend is your mind, criminals are using techniques to steal your data or money, and one of the famous one is the Cryptolocker scheme that will take your money if you want your data back. Now a lot of companies and private users have witnessed the damage that the Cryptolocker virus can bring -- now wait till you see what the new scheme will be all about. 

'Top Paid in Android Apps' malware alternatives exposed

It is free to join the Google Play store and that means that are a lot of application that are be 'Survey scam' targets Android users

A Twitter account is spreading messages that there is a new hack available for Flappybird. It provides a unlimited lives cheat, and to get this cheat, you simply have to follow a couple of steps that will certainly get you hacked. The website is made in a very simple way so it will attract a lot of users, it clearly shows how the user only haves to take 5 steps to have the unlimited FlappyBird live cheat on their Android phone. 

Warning: ZertSecurity Android trojan hits German users

We have been investigating a

TheAndroid.DDoS.1.origin, a new malware detected on Android mobile


McAfee Labs Threat Report for Q1 2012: Threats Gone Wild

Whatsapp: Im going to hack your status

A security breach in the whatsapp application makes it possible to change the users whatsapp stat