Hydra’s new head: Copyright activists in panic over CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement)

­The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a wide-ranging set of agreements b

New Anonymous Operation Mayhem 2012 Code Tyler

Cyberwarzone has found Anonymous resources on the Operation Mayhem 2012 operation. Cyberwarzone has posted videos and news from the Operation Mayhem operation and the New operation Operation Mayhem Code Tyler.

ACTA: Acta loses more support in Europe

Bulgaria and the Netherlands join Poland and Germany in refusing to ratify Acta, citing privacy a

Anonymous: Hackers apparently hit Swedish government site

STOCKHOLM — A group linked to the hacker network Anonymous on Saturday said it had attacked the Swedish government's website, bringing it down for periods of time by overloading it with traffic. CyberForce used Twitter to claim responsibility, saying "We have succeeded in the attack against the government." It also indicated it may launch more attacks at around midnight (2300 GMT)

Saturday, saying "this op starts at 24.00," but it was not immediately clear who the targets for those attacks may be. The group said it had used a denial of service attack against the government, which essentially swamps a website with false users.

SOPA: A list of 358 companies that support the Stop Online Piracy Act

SOPA is a bill that was introduced in the United States House of Representatives on October 26, 2

A call to arms: Hacker community wants to build and launch satallite

During my search on the internet i found this article about hackers that want to build and launch

Major ACTA Leak: Internet and Civil Enforcement

Major ACTA Leak: Internet and Civil Enforcement Chapters With Country Positions


 On the heels of the leak of various country positions on ACTA transparency, today an even bigger leak has hit the Internet.  A new European Union document prepared several weeks ago canvasses the Internet and Civil Enforcement chapters, disclosing in complete detail the proposals from the U.S., the counter-proposals from the EU, Japan, and other ACTA participants.  The 44-page document also highlights specific concerns of individual countries on a wide range of issues including ISP liability, anti-circumvention rules, and the scope of the treaty.  This is probably the most significant leak to-date since it goes even beyond the transparency debate by including specific country positions and proposals.