Cryptome publishes full SMS history of Anonymous hacker "Topiary"

Cryptome has published an PDF file that includes a chat history taken in 2012 of the Anonymous &q

Why the World Didn't End Yesterday

The Mayan calendar explained!

Top 10 cyber attacks of 2012

Today the world is supposed to end but we don’t care.

Blackhat 2012 EUROPE Presentations & Workshops

Blackhat 2012 EUROPE Presentations (Youtube) are listed here after I found this post on the internet. This article contains the videos from the Black Hat Europe 2012 event. 

Black Hat Europe 2012's Arsenal will feature live demonstrations of nine new tools and resources, ranging from CAPTCHA crackers to PDF exploit analyzers

New Anonymous Operation Mayhem 2012 Code Tyler

Cyberwarzone has found Anonymous resources on the Operation Mayhem 2012 operation. Cyberwarzone has posted videos and news from the Operation Mayhem operation and the New operation Operation Mayhem Code Tyler.

Cyber warfare videos collection

Cyberwarzone has collected multiple cyber warfare videos for your comfort. This list contains videos that discuss cybercrime, cyber warfare, hacking and espionage. The videos have been collected from various resources and are listed here for you to study and enjoy.

Cyberwarzone has collected videos from well known security experts like; Eugene Kasperky, Bruce Schneier, John Bumgarner and Iftach Amit.

Dutch MoD Innovation Competition 2012: "CYBER Operations 2.0" winner gets 200K

The Dutch Ministry of Defense's (MoD) annually iss

Anonymous: Kavkaz Adiga hackers Happy 2012 Revolutions

AnonyMous Kavkaz+Adiga hackers/Happy 2012 Revolutions expect us 21 may the circassians revolutio

US Cyber Challenge 2012: Cyber Quest April 2012

NBISE has launched another US Cyber Challenge: Cyber Quest 2012.