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[BREAKING] The Dollar has been hacked in Israel

May 26, 2014 65

The Dollar website has been hacked in Israel. The hackers from the AnonGhost team have initiated a successfull attack on the website. The AnonGhost hackers are known for their attacks on the Israeli websites. […]

1844 websites hacked in a single night

May 15, 2014 31

It must be a black day for administrators and websites holders in Denmark. A team of hackers has claimed that they have defaced 1844 websites in a single night. In the following file which you […]

Iranian cyberattacks hit critical U.S. defense firms

May 13, 2014 0

A group called Ajax Security Team which originates fromĀ Iran isĀ using a custom-made malware to steal intellectual property from US defense firms, This was revealed by the Security Firm FireEye. The Ajax Security team is part […]

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