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Hackers hack Malaysian Online Rubber Stamp Shop

August 20, 2014 0

The AnonGhost hackers claim to have hacked the Malaysian Online Rubber Stamp Shop which is hosted on The AnonGhost hackers uploaded their defacement page to the link. Once you visit the page, you […]

Hacker claims to have hacked

August 17, 2014 0

A wild leak has appeared on PasteBin. The Pastebin claims to hold data which has been stolen from The hacker has leaked a massive list of credentials on the PasteBin site. CLICK HERE TO WATCH […]

[BREAKING] The Dollar has been hacked in Israel

May 26, 2014 65

The Dollar website has been hacked in Israel. The hackers from the AnonGhost team have initiated a successfull attack on the website. The AnonGhost hackers are known for their attacks on the Israeli websites. […]

1844 websites hacked in a single night

May 15, 2014 31

It must be a black day for administrators and websites holders in Denmark. A team of hackers has claimed that they have defaced 1844 websites in a single night. In the following file which you […]

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