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Silkroadreloaded.i2p is the new Silkroad domain

January 12, 2015 44

The underground internet gangs and clients have moved their stores and magazines to a new Silkroad domain which is hosted on silkroadreloaded.i2p. The silkroadreloaded.i2p domain is only accessible via the invisible internet project. This project […]

Botnet Controllers March Freely on Internet

December 31, 2014 65

Botnet Command & Control(C&C) servers hosted on 7,182 distinct IP addresses detected by Spamhaus in 2014 have increasing of 525 (or 7.88%) comparing to numbers of detected in 2013 According Spamhuas majority of botnets used […]

Is TOR still safe

May 20, 2014 51

Each month you will be able to read on new bugs and fixes that are related to the TOR project. A lot of people have been asking me, is TOR still safe? The answer depends […]

Experiment latest Open Source Web Based Technologies

May 18, 2014 0

Are you interested in experimenting creatively with the web and making something fun, fast and beautiful?Join Google’s Chrome Experiments projects ,an online showcase of web browser based experiments built in HTML5 and JavaScript using open-source web-based […]

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