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Belgian state attacked by Russian government

May 10, 2014 35

Did you know that the Belgian state suffered a cyber attack which was initiated from Russia? In the greatest secrecy, the Belgiun government is having a crisis meeting about their the threat which they are […]

Why the use of a cyber weapon has proved a winner

May 9, 2014 0

In recent months one of the topics of greatest interest in the international scientific community has been the development of new cyber weapons to use against hostile countries. What dominates, without any doubt, was the use of […]

The Crimean Cyber-Troubles ramp-up

May 9, 2014 47

By Peter Rietveld and Diederik Perk. Levels of intensity are on the rise in the Crimea crisis with cyber-warfare being one of its main drivers. Dozens of networks in the Ukraine are infected, government systems among […]

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