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Top 3 Social media used by cybercriminals

May 9, 2014 0

Today we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace and several other social media networks that are being used by the wide internet users. With the use of social media you can share your messages with your […]

Must read 10 alternatives for Whatsapp

May 9, 2014 32

Facebook is now the owner of Whatsapp, and that means that a lot is going to change with the Whatsapp application. We have made a top 10 list of alternatives for the Whatsapp application. Now […]

Massive top 100 security tips

May 9, 2014 3

Cyberwarzone is going crazy and has decided to post a massive top 100 security tips for the community. These tips can be used on a daily basis and are easy to implement. The security tips […]

The Crimean Cyber-Troubles ramp-up

May 9, 2014 47

By Peter Rietveld and Diederik Perk.¬†Levels of intensity are on the rise in the Crimea crisis with cyber-warfare being one of its main drivers. Dozens of networks in the Ukraine are infected, government systems among […]

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