Breaking: NYC Hospitals patient files affected by Chinese computer virus

Chinese hackers hit New York City hospitals and change medical files to inflict damage and chaos in New York City. A total of 5.7 million medical profiles were compromised.

All the eyes are on China after the Mandiant report got published that discussed the Chinese espionage techniques. China says that they are under attack by the U.S. and that they will not stand by it. China, the United States and several other countries/nations are trying to show their presence on the cyber domain. They all have been spending money on the investment of new methods and techniques when it comes to espionage, cyberwarfare and intelligence. 


Today we received the message that the NYC Hospitals that are listed below were under attack by an cyber attack: 


In total around 5.7 million medical profiles were affected. The hackers planted an computer virus in the NYC Hospital infrastructure - the virus has been identified as the CHIBU Trojan.

CHIBU trojan

The CHIBU trojan was made to change any decimal number with +50. The results of the change were seen directly as the hospitals noticed the dangerous values in the profiles. It did take the hospitals several hours to identify the threat. 

The CHIBU trojan was responsible for the fact that 34000 people got the wrong medication. 1400 people are in critical condition. 

Hacking hospitals

It is not the first time that hospitals are targeted by hackers. In 2012 the Indiana University hospital was hacked and data was stolen. In December 2012 the Froedtert hospital and some clinics were affected by an hacker. A total of 43 000 patients were compromised. In July 2011 the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center was hacked. 

What will you do when foreign countries start attacking the health care infrastructures? Will you even know? Or do you need to see casualties before you notice the threats?

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