Caught between the Lines: Online Censorship Harms Corporate Security

Malicious Software

Malicious code or software is not at all a new term in the present era. Antivirus companies are trying hard to make the Internet safe and free from malware, but still the tight bond between flaws and features comes in between. The pre-installed utilities in BackTrack Machine (i.e., msfpayload and msfencode) can make you insecure about the safety of the Internet by simply showing you a simple PDF file with malicious intent.

Mahdi campaign, ongoing cyber-espionage in the Middle East

 Again another great investigation of the excellent team of Kaspersky lab and its partner Seculert firm has discovered an ongoing campaign to conduct a large scale infiltration of computer systems in the Middle East area.

The Economics of Hacking

While the true direct cost of cyber crime may be open to debate, there is little doubt that profits are being made by stealthy, motivated and organized hackers, while law-abiding “cyber citizens” continue to be on the losing end. Bank and credit fraud continue unabated, and while the public has gotten somewhat smarter about refusing the age-old bait that exposes them to attack, cyber crime has grown to epic if not epidemic proportions, prompting agencies like the FBI to give it top billing as a national threat.

The State of Information Security

While information security is much better today than it has ever been before; it is far from being in a position to adequately deal with modern-day threats. In order to address the gap, we must dive deeper in to the problem and develop an embraceable strategy for success. It is only when we understand who our adversaries are and what their motivations and tactics are will we be in a position to address the problem.