This manifest for digital freedom (see PDF for the extended version) was sent to political parties for the elections of 2010. We have asked for the following eight programs formulated items be taken in their election. Help us to protect digital freedom! Go to the campaign page for more information.


Digital technology is the oxygen for the Dutchman of the 21st century. Almost every Dutch person has a computer, a mobile phone and a broadband connection. We drive business through innovative services such as Marketplace. We do massive tax via internet. We work together on the largest ever encyclopedia, Wikipedia. We make new business contacts and maintain old friendships through social networks. We share knowledge, culture and opinions via Twitter. We build our democracy and the Internet to ask attention to oppression in other countries, like Iran. Digital technology has changed our society and all citizens unprecedented freedom.


Student of the Indian Institute of Technology confesses murder


 A student of the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, arrested in Haryana early Sunday for allegedly murdering a female IIT-Delhi student in a Shimla hotel, has confessed his crime, police claimed here.


A 22-year-old third-year girl student of textile engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi, who came here with the IIT-Roorkee male student, was found murderedin the hotel room Saturday. Since then, the alleged accused was missing.

"The accused, Gaurav Verma, a third-year architecture student of IIT-Roorkee, confessed that he had murdered Pragati of IIT-Delhi in the hotel around 1 p.m. Friday," Shimla Superintendent of Police R.M. Sharma told reporters.

ABN Amro problem predictable

 "The bank says that its customers opened an email attachment that resulted in a virus being executed on their machines. This virus changed their browsers' behaviour so when they went to open the real ABN Amro online banking site, they were instead re-directed to a spoof site.



The customers then typed in their passwords, which the attacker in turn used to access the bank's real Web site.

ABN Amro website down

Today the website of the Dutch bank ABN Amro is down, this is because the website is enduring an error.

The customers can´t reach the bank digitally, so banking digitally is offline.


New israeli drones role in iran attack


Working from high altitudes, the Eitan will likely be used to provide prestrike information on targets, to eavesdrop on electronic communications and to send battle damage assessments back after an attack.


It will also undoubtably be used to monitor any retaliation for the airstrike—seeking rocket launches and eavesdropping on Iran.

The onboard power required to electronically jam radar and communications equipment is not in the Eitan, Israeli defense industry officials told the trade journal Defense News. But the ability to carry so much weight opens up questions about the drones' ability to conduct long-range, high-risk bombing missions on their own.