Smartphones botnet 8000 smartphones infected

TippingPoint is a leading global provider of comprehensive network security solutions that address the security and regulatory compliance needs of complex network environments. With the TippingPoint IPS-Secured Network, which includes the TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Network Access Control (NAC) solution, network infrastructure, applications, and critical data are protected from malicious cyber attacks. 


Today TippingPoint demonstrated how easy it is to infect smartphones. They infected the smartphones with a "Weather" application called Weather Fist. 

In reality this was a program that searches for information in the SmartPhone. The application was available for the Iphone and Google Android.


The application was offered on several marketplaces for jailbreaked smartphones.


The Apple store was not an option according to the researchers, because Apple controls the applications that are posted in the Apple Shop.


The researchers want to experiment some more. They are developing an application called WeatherFistBadMonkey that gathers the physical addresses and cookies. 

WeatherFistBadMonkey can also send spam.


This application was build by Brown and Tijerina. The researchers will only test this on their own smartphones. Because of the abuse Potential.




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