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The Liechtenstein case Germany set to buy Swiss tax evasion data

Swiss Interior Minister Didier Burkhalter criticized Germany for considering using stolen data to pursue tax evaders, but said his country was keen for stable relations with its larger neighbor.

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said:"The decision has in principle been taken" to buy the data on some 1500 investors.

The cd contains details of hundreds of investors suspected of avoiding taxes via bank accounts in Switzerland.

Wolfgang pointed to the similarities to one two years ago in which German authorities bought data on tax evasion via accounts in Liechtenstein. They stated that "we couldn't decide any other way," according to the report.

The Liechtenstein purchase prompted a wide-ranging investigation that netted more than 160 suspects

German media informed that the German Authorities offered the data for 2,5 million euro.
( 2500000 Euros = 3393000 US Dollars )