June 2012

JUST OUT!!! Anonymous: #OpJapan & #OpACS - Expect us Japan

"Greetings, free people of the Internet.
We are Anonymous.

Black boxes to monitor all internet and phone data

Internet and mobile phone companies are preparing to install "black box

EXCLUSIVE UPDATED: Anonymous #opACS operation cleaning service

Cyberwarzone has watched #opJapan from the start and has seen it evolve in a global awareness ope

Exclusive: Anonymous Hackers leak 300 accounts from Exxon Mobil in #OpSavetheArctic

The energy companies that caused the Arctic to melt in the first place are looking to profit fro

Cyberwarfare: Dutch MoD releases Defense Cyber Strategy

At long last, the Dutch Ministry of Defense has published a crucial piece of Cyber Doctrine by pu

RSA SecurIDs Cracked In 13 Minutes,rumors and denials


Web censorship reaches new level: 5 Tamil language web sites blocked

NfR Sri Lanka, a network of Sri Lankan journalists and human rights defenders condemns the block

FBI Cyber Branch

FBI Cyber Branch is the agency that is responding to the increased cyber-based crimes.

UGNAZI.com has been defaced by the FBI

Today the website of UGNAZI changed from administrator. The new administrator is the FBI, they have taken over the website after the attacks UGNAZI has done. UGNazi, also known as the Underground Nazi Hacktivist Group, is a computer hacker group that has claimed responsibility for several attacks conducted over the Internet. They are perhaps best known for their "Tango Down" DDoS attacks on United States government websitesand for leaking the personal information of government officials.

In January 2012, the UGNazi attacked the Ultimate Fighting Championship's website in protest of the UFC's support for the Stop Online Piracy Act proposed by the United States at the time.They later hacked Coach's website for the same reason

New cybervirus found in Japan: Stuxnet designed to attack off-line servers via USB memory sticks