May 2012

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Monitoring: Advanced Surveillance by Peter Jenkins

The most advanced and extensive manual ever compiled on the art and science on conducting a covert surveillance. After the success of 'Covert Surveillance' with over 3500 copies being sold worldwide, the author has now introduced a second advanced training manual.

The excellent contents of this manual covers both successful techniques for conducting a covert surveillance as well as the equipment needed to do so. Everyone charged with carrying out investigations and undertaking surveillance in order to gather evidence should find this book both informative and educational.

Zeus P2P variant against Facebook,Hotmail,Yahoo & Google Mail

The experts of Trusteer firm have discovered a new variant Zeus malware responsible of  a series of attacks against principal internet service providers. The variant carried out attacks using the P2P network architecture targeting users of Facebook, Hotmail and Yahoo and  Google Mail.

Spionage news video: Homeland Security spies on the Occupy movement like #OWS

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been under attack by politicians and even the media.

How to blog on Cyberwarzone

Dear Cyberwarzone community. Cyberwarzone provides an ideal environment to publish your mind. The Cyberwarzone website allows the community to provide their blogs on Cyberwarzone.

These blogs are provided by cyberwarzone members and are published to the world wide web.

Dutch MoD Innovation Competition 2012: "CYBER Operations 2.0" winner gets 200K

The Dutch Ministry of Defense's (MoD) annually iss

Information Warfare and Cyber

In the beginning there was Command and Control Warfare (C2W).  And the US military said it was good.

Then we had Information Warfare (IW) and life was good.

Then in the mid 1990s we got politically correct and called it Information Operations (IO), because State doesn’t DO anything associated with warfare. And life was good.  In the latest edition of Joint Publication 3-13, Information Operations, the official acronym IW was dropped by the US military.

Video: Exaggerated Cybercrime

We bust some Cybercrime propaganda, give you the scoop on a fresh openSSL vulnerability, and answ

Video: American Greed CNBC Cybercrime

American Greed CNBC Cyber-crime A computer geek hacker steals millions of dollars from unsuspect

Tor Project to Phish 13M "Do Not Track" Users

Tor Project to Phish 13M "Do Not Track" Users


Security Powerhouses McAfee and CloudShield Offer a New Sensor-based Approach to Detect and Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threats

McAfee Network Threat Response running on the CloudShield CS-4000 platform is the latest advancem