May 2012

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Iran Released a Flamer Removal Tool,Download Here

MAHER center, the national computer emergence response center for Iran, released a tool and a man

Chinese Regime Has Backdoor Access to US weapons, nuclear power plants and public transports.

A recent study found that a U.S.

Cyber weapons? Get used to it – We are at cyberwar!

The latest malware threat that is going around the world is the malware Flame. Security Affairs has published an article that explains the functions of the Flame malware.

Flame is not the first malware that has hit Iran. Each time that Iran gets targeted by a malware it gets published on the internet and it then gets wide media attention.

We can tell this by looking at the history of malware attacks on Iran like the Stuxnet malware, Duqu malware and Viper.

Security distributions list

Cyberwarzone has found an beautifull resource for security distributions.

Truecrack Password cracking for truecrypt encrypted volume files

Truecrack password cracking is a cracking tool for Truecrypt encrypted files.

McAfee Report on alarming growth of cyber threats

 I find really interesting the report released by security firms regarding the principal cyber threats and the related evolution. This time I desire to share the data proposed in the by McAfee Labs in its McAfee Threats Report - First Quarter 2012.

Let's start observing that this first part of year have registered an impressive increase of the malware diffusion, the experts believe that the trend of growth will be consolidated during the current year, and the area which could suffer more the incoming cyber threats will be the mobile. The number of malware in mobile environment has quadrupled respect the last year and the almost all of the agents isolated are new and related to the Android OS based devices ( 87%).

Secretary Hillary Clinton: We Hacked Yemen Al Qaeda Sites


FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit

The FBI has recently formed a secretive surveillance unit with an ambitious goal: to invent te

Massive Top 100 security tips

Cyberwarzone is going crazy and has decided to post a massive top 100 security tips for the community. These tips can be used on a daily basis and are easy to implement. The security tips will help you protect yourself against potential threats.

The tips will cover topics like web surfing and doing it secured. As the list gets bigger the topics could get complex. Feel free to share this blog and don't forget to tweet about it.