April 2012

Fear Iran and escalation of cyber attacks


Iran vs West, cyber war or media conflict?

 Today I have read several articles where is hypothesized an imminent cyber attacks of 

Iranian Oil Ministry Repels Cyberattack report

 LONDON –  Iranian state oil Websites have been

DuQu actively targeting the Iranian oil industry?

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran is investigating a suspected cyber attack on its main oil export

DNSChanger , much ado about nothing and the wrong choice


Obama announces crackdown on Iran and Syria's cyber oppressors

US president signs executive order targeting people and firms that help authoritarian regimes cla

Iran,Oil Industry under cyber attack,are we close to a military strike?

Attacks and Threats in the Cyber Security World

The time we life in is an time of technology and development.

China prepares for joint military exercises with Russia

China and Russia launched their first joint naval exercises Sunday, with war games in the Yellow

Quantum Hacking group: Breaking quantum cryptography

The Quantum Hacking group works in the field of quantum cryptography and quantum information.