February 2012

Cybersecurity bloggers: A call for alliance

I have been working on cyberwarzone.com for several years now.

Stratfor: When OSINT intelligence turns against you

 Little background: Christmas of 2011 is laundry, from the group Anonymous , the site of the known cyber-intelligence agency Stratfor .

Numerous data are subtracted. Before you dump all the emails of analysts, then the list of users, accounts, passwords, and in many cases the credit cards of subscribers to services agency. But I do not want to talk about this, in turn find many analyzes of what has happened, including an excellent timeline (albeit with many links now removed).

Young cyber army, cyber threat or resource to enhance?

 We live in economically tumultuous days and even more in the cyberspace.

What If There Were a Cyberwar and Nobody Knew About it?

 There could be a day when the United States decides to retaliate in cyberspace for a computer-based attack on its networks or infrastructure.

Normally, two nations at war would garner 24-hour news coverage, boldface headlines and Pentagon briefings. But this would be a conflict waged with “ones” and “zeros” across computer networks. The damage may be unseen, and even “fixed” within a few short hours. The public may not even realize that it’s occurring. 

Anonymous: Declaration of War on the United States Government

Anonymous has declared war on the United States government in Operation V (#OPv) because of the Cyber Security Act of 2012. During my search on youtube i found this Anonymous video claiming that they have declared War on the United States Government. 

GPS Spoofing, old threat and new problems


Google code used to circumvent privacy protections … true or false?


Anonymous Project Mayhem 2012: Who Watches the Watchmen?

Found this video on youtube. This is an message from "Anonymous" stating the following.

Be warned as legitimate representatives of the Greek police that we will require to be issued directly to statutory orders to arrest you for a host of violations of the legislation, the act of committing a hearing in accordance with specific provisions of the Greek penal law, such as extortion, the covert promoting elimination or reduction of our democratic polity and national sovereignty, the interference of other essential legal goods of the Greek people, etc."


Anonymous: #opAlarmClock

During my search on Pastebin i found an pastebin titled #OpAlarmClock. This pastebin file has an message from Anonymous. In the message they ask the people to show people the good doing from Anonymous. You can read the message here and on pastebin

Critical infrastructures & manipulation of the name Anonymous