January 2012

Islamic scholars approve e-jihad and cyberwarfare

Jihadists have been engaged in cyber warfare for some time.

Cyberwarfare: Hacker attack in Azerbaijan carried out from Iran and Netherlands

Azerbaijan, Baku, Jan.21 / Trend&nb

Cybercrime: Crackdown on phishing scams by 15 top technology companies

A crackdown on "phishing" scams has been announced by 15 of the

Exploit Pack: Penetration testing tool 2012

Exploit Pack is an licensed GPL product.

Cyberwarfare: Massive Cyber attacks timeline 2011

Cybercrime: Hacktivists Turn To DNS Hijacking

Hacktivists have added a new tactic to their arsenal: redirecting all of the traffic from a targe



Cyber recruiting: The Shifting Digital Sands of Online Jihad

Inspire Magazine, Samir and Anwar Are Gone, since a drone took out the creators and editors of In

The Ringleader: Kim (Owner Megaupload) involved in calling card fraud investigation in the nineties

Hackers: Exposing The Exposed

 A UK online retailer was hacked last week and five thousand emails and passwords dumped on