October 2011

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DEFCON 19: Battery Firmware Hacking

Speaker: Charlie Miller Principal Research Consultant, Accuvant Labs Ever wonder how your laptop

Hackers Targeted U.S. Government Satellites

 Hackers interfered with the operation of two U.S.

Cyber Security Asia event - 9-10 November 2011

Bringing together international experts to discuss the latest developments taking place in cyber security

Cyber Security Asia
9-10 November 2011

Cyberspace concerns extend throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and they are increasingly playing key roles in how nations define security and threats.

SMi Group’s inaugural Cyber Security Asia conference and exhibition is well timed to offer delegates the opportunity to discuss the key issues surrounding security in cyberspace. Don’t miss the chance to network with a diverse mixture of professionals from the Cyber Security community and examine key issues including: cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, cloud computing, cyber commands and military cyberspace operations.


Duqu Incidents Detected in Iran and Sudan


Anonymous targets FOX News, Facebook and Operation Cashback

LinkedIn targeted by spam bots and scammers

In the last couple of weeks I noticed that I keep getting added by LinkedIn ac

NGJ: The Next Generation Jammer Will Not Be Used For Cyber Warfare

The U.S.

Inside Threat: Contract Worker Steals Personal Data On 9 Million Israelis

A contract worker at Israel's Ministry of Labor and Welfare has been charged with stealing the pe