December 2010

Kontera tags not showing up in Drupal

 The way people find and discover information on the web is evolving and changing. In the first wave of the web we’ve seen information discovery grow from simple web directories to sophisticated search destinations.

At Kontera we believe that in the coming years information discovery will evolve even further, ushering an era where relevant information will actually find the user whenever and wherever that user is on-line. We are building a platform and company to satisfy this shift.

 When did the group start the hacking movement ?


What is the goal of the PirateChina group ? 


Do you use specific software ?


Is PirateChina affiliated to Wikileaks ? 


Does PirateChina have a website ? 


Anything you wan't to tell to the world ? 




Wikyleaked make it Trend Wikileaks

Yes, it is for 100% real now. Twitter is blocking trends with #Wikileaks. - source -

So I got this idea. Lets create a new tag for a trending Wikileaks tag.

Wikileaks a threat ?

16% (22 votes)
84% (115 votes)
Total votes: 137