#Anonymous starts #OpAkamai and targets the CEO and

A friend of mine told me that Anonymous is starting a new campaign. This campaign will focus on the Akamai company that delivers web applications and security. 

The #opAkamai can be found on Facebook and it has 40 participants registered. 

This is the summary of the OpAkamai operation posted on Facebook: 

fight against anti-anon and slander , making money of anon #ops“Anonymous has very few hackers, it has very few activists… It is very misleading to call the groups hacktivists. The common attribute is angst. The talented ones are either quitting or starting to do things that are more clandestine.” & Anonymous’ aim was to fight evil, it failed, and in fact may have done the opposite by helping pour money into the pockets of vendors flogging DDoS protection and giant corporations making money from security, according to hacktivist expert and Akamai Technologies employee Josh Corman.

Target - also d0x target - Director of Security Intelligence Josh Corman

Find the Facebook page here:

Multiple Anonymous followers and Hacktivist are supporting the claim Josh Corman made and are calling #opAkamai stupid!

Via @AnonyOps