Anonymous #opPedoChat exposes sir Herron his crimes

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Anonymous #opPedoChat is a operation that focusses on the revealment of CP on the internet and everyone that is associated with it. Anonymous has leaked multiple accounts before. There are leaks with 2000+ and 3000+ accounts of revealed pedophiles. 

Today Anonymous #opPedoChat released a new PasteBin. This pastebin contains the d0x and information that Anonymous has collected on sir Herron. 

What comes below has been taken from the PasteBin file. For person security reasons of sir Herron Cyberwarzone will not post full his name. 


 His crimes:
    1. Stalking kids on Facebook and YouTube
    2. being an active member of numerous pedo groups on Facebook, Google, and throughout the Internet
    3. having 500+ pics of naked little boys on his computer (his own admission)
    4. posting pedophilic comments on various forums and groups under the names happyman63, badboys76, snoopy5, etc.
    5. lying about everybody who confronts him or disbelieves his lies about others
    6. breaking into houses across Saline County, Illinois and stealing copper pipes
    7. Defending known pedophiles and lying about and slandering antis for the sake of protecting said pedophiles
    8. Leaving threats of violence against the FBI under his Antipedo10 sock account, threatening to "put them in a world of hurt should they ever arrest him" (PROOF: )

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