#Anonymous #OpDutchPirateBay Apology to brothers and sisters

Video says it all, But here's a transcript.

Dear citizens of the netherlands, people on the internet, and everyone else.

I have to apologize for the last video concerning Operation Dutch Piratebay.

This account named RevolutionMessage was originally created by me to be used by other fellow brothers and sisters in the revolution.

I was away for a while and a brother in the revolution decided to upload the video without discussing it with the creator of the account.

I agree with the fact that something must be done against the blockade, but this is NOT the way to do it.

--No, attacking Providers is a huge mistake, We must focus on the people that caused this blockade: BREIN Anti Piracy and the Corrupt judge.

Our utmost apologies for the inconvinience, it shall not happen again.

The person who uploaded it without discussion has been stopped from using this account.

Our utmost apologies...


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