Is #Anonymous falling to pieces? you have been warned!

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This message is for Anonymous and the people that are interested in Anonymous. There is no way around Anonymous anymore. When you are walking down the city you are surrounded by Anonymous. Anonymous has grown in a globally known hacktivist movement. I live in the Netherlands and yesterday Anonymous announced a new demonstration against Joris Demmink - some weeks before Anonymous announced an attack on the Dutch ISP providers. 

I know that some of you are thinking: These guys are not the "real" Anonymous. Don't get me wrong guys but Anonymous is everyone and no one. This means that the action one Anonymous member makes could influence a big party of the global Anonymous movement. I have seen this happen in the #opDPB operation. The "Anonymous" person that posted the youtube video got caught within 2 weeks. Could this be because the global Anonymous did not support the operation? I also witnessed in the #opDPB that some operations have fake intentions and that the people responsible for starting the operation take no responsibility in keeping their Anonymous followers safe or have no clue about the consequences of their operations. 

There are few operations of Anonymous that are going to achieve their goal in time - and I am glad that they will obtain their goals. One of these operations is #opPedoChat and #OpJapan.

I would like to warn all the hacktivists and Anonymous followers to be aware of what you do on the internet. The most of you are aware of the dangers and threats but some forget that the government is able to expand its force and equipment if necessary. Anonymous can't do this like the government does. So if you are involved with operations or Anonymous take good care of  yourself by thinking ahead.

Also you have to be aware that governments have honeypots online and that  some security companies are able to change this environments in matters of hours. 

Keep your intelligence and followers close. Don't use their trust for your own personal gain. Don't initiate something that won't have an effect. Anonymous does not need any more media attention. Anonymous already has it. Keep thinking for a secured, free of worries and  better internet and world.

We are Cyberwarzone.

We do care.

Walk with us.


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