Anonymous collective versus State Sponsored Groups: the online media war

We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect us. This is the motto the Anonymous collective uses and lives by. Anonymous originated in 2003 and since then it has shown that it is fighting for Freedom and it opposes Internet censorship and surveillance.

Anonymous has launched multiple operations to show that they are willing and will defend their rights and ideas. The world has changed since the 9-11 incident and the world is screaming for more transparency and security. The United States, China, Korea, Japan and Iran are just examples of countries that are pushing online censorship and online surveillance agendas.

An Anonymous collective that is capable of performing DDoS, Defacements and SQL injections is not so worrying because almost every script kiddie can do that right. The difference between script kiddies and Anonymous is the fact that they are after information and they want that information spread.


Anonymous has leaked files before including credentials from government organs. It has shown its strength and influence in multiple campaigns. Anonymous knows what information needs to be leaked to get in the media and the spirits of Anonymous followers.

This is something each government sees as an threat. They can’t “identify” Anonymous yet and it has been shown that Anonymous has spirits that are working in the governmental and industrial levels.

These spirits provide information that they think should belong in the open field. Transparency.

State sponsored groups

As mentioned before governments don’t like Anonymous. It is that simple – each time Anonymous starts an campaign that is targeting government interests an warning goes off at the security department to gather and analyze as much as information regarding the Anonymous campaign.


State sponsored groups have one thing in advance. They have the resources to gather the information that is needed to fix the puzzles. We have seen it before – Anonymous hackers / kiddies that get arrested for assisting in DDoS attacks or defacements. It just takes time for the government to initiate action.

But they are on a new strategy now. This is the online media war. We know that information can be false or correct on the internet. We have seen that the now famous Hector Xavier Monsegur has assisted the FBI in arresting Anonymous members.


Hector Xavier Monsegur AKA Sabu was the mastermind behind the hacking group Lulzsec. Lulzsec carried out multiple hacks after Sabu started working with the FBI. This shows that the governments are not afraid to get their websites or databases hacked – they will put fake information online so other state sponsored hackers can hack these environments so they can gain trust in their environment.

They do worry about the attacks but let’s be real. They have other threats to care about in which they can provide more financial support.

Capture the spirit and put it in an lamp

The government has allot of lamps with spirits inside them. It is not the first time that an group of activists or in this case hacktivsts are being shown world wide. Governments are good in hiding information and they eventually will break the spirit of each movement. Why? Governments are run by people who PAY people to clean things up. In the current economics more people will consider payment which is an serious threat to the Anonymous spirit.

Do not forget. Governments are trying to regulate the internet. All countries have their secret task force in the physical world. It would be stupid to think that they don’t have online secret task forces.

Best Friends

Once the government has broken the spirit of the Anonymous collective they will be best friends. Anonymous attacks country X in retaliation of attack on country Y.

Warning from Cyberwarzone

If you are an Anonymous spirit or not I want to inform you about the threats that can come by using the Internet for hacking. Make sure you follow procedures and use safe connections. Do not talk with everyone about your ideas or thoughts. Once you are Anonymous you need to stay Anonymous. Be aware of your environment and think ahead.

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