About us

Cyberwarzone defines her beauty by providing various services that are focused on sophisticated attacks that are changing the information technology landscape. Cyberwarzone has been running since 30 January 2010.

Founded by

Cyberwarzone is founded by Reza Rafati – he is an entrepreneur that gets his passion of fixing problems that need out of the box solutions.

He has an active history in attending and participating in cyber conferences and panels. He lives in The Netherlands and he likes to spend his time hunting down intelligence. He founded Cyberwarzone when he was 20 and he has shown the world that he is here to stay.

On the internet

Cyberwarzone.com is the portal that can be found on the internet. On this portal you will be able to search trough various resources that will give you a better insight on the changing cyber landscape. We have collected white papers that have been made by various researchers and companies – we have collected various open source presentations that can be found on various media-platforms and let’s not forget the massive amount of news articles and source codes.

In the physical world

Cyberwarzone is a company that is based in the Netherlands – we have a wide range of experts that are ready to engage any problem and we are always interested to have a chat.

Why we do this

Cyberwarzone is made to provide knowledge to the world – it is hard for a lot of people to find resources that will help them continue their journey – Cyberwarzone.com wants to solve this problem by providing a massive database of cyber resources that can be useful in specific situations.

What we are always searching for

Cyberwarzone.com is always searching for people that are interested in leaving their knowledge on the website – if you have the time to post cyber resources like Youtube videos, Hacktivism operations, cyber conflict, espionage or hacking news and you have want to help us out then we would appreciate it a lot!

There are some rules:

  1. You have to be able to read and write in English.
  2. Simple knowledge of HTML  is requested
  3. You need to have fun doing it! we will not force you to do anything!

Still interested in helping out? hit the contact page!