13 Oct Special: Anonymous #opDPB failed and some questions for Thunder Thief

Anonymous announced that they will target the Netherlands today. In the Netherlands it is now 15:40 and the companies that should/would have been targeted are still running. The Dutch Anonymous community is not supporting the Anonymous operation and neither are the civilians of the Netherlands. 

On the Facebook page of the operation you can find the user Thunder Thief. She just posted a message online that the website is Tango Down. 

As far as i can see the website is still up and he is just flooding his own computer. 

I did a performance test on anti-piracy yesterday and it looks that anti-piracy has a better performance and speed then yesterday. 

Cyberwarzone follows Anonymous worldwide and has been following them for over 3 years. The way this operation started and was developed is not the usual way the Anonymous collective works. 

I would like to see Thunder Thief her response on this article. 

Some questions for Thunder Thief: 

  1. Did you manage to take down any website that you listed in opDPB? 
  2. How many Anonymous members are supporting you in this operation? 
  3. What is your motivation and what are you trying to achieve?