You are vulnerable because of this

Look me straight in the eyes, and say that you are vulnerable. This is where the real journey starts, accept that you and your environment is vulnerable, and that security is not something fixed, it will never be. Security is dynamic, as the landscape is in continues movement, and so are people.

This is a mindset post

Compare cyber security, to being clean, you can state that you are clean, and that you shower and brush your teeth, but literally, overnight, you become dirty again, so you will have to repeat the same process over and over.

The same should apply to your security feeling, each night, after you have done your work, you should brush your teeth (perform security checks), and go to sleep. The next morning you wake up, you perform another thorough security check (you take a shower, and brush your teeth).

Still, after doing the above, you can still be dirty, your clothes might have holes in them (once you don’t see), or their might be a stain, some will argue that it matters, but I will say that it doesn’t, you are aware of the fact that you are vulnerable, and you do not care about your clothes, they can be bought and be replaced. You care more about your teeth, and health, you take extra care of them. The same should be done with your equipment and data at home or office.

It is fresh, fresh.

It is impossible to keep everything secured, but what you can do, is to be aware of where your weaknesses are, and calculate the impact if for example your fridge breaks down.

Image result for broken fridge
Keep, Replace, Repair or Throw away?

See cyber security as your daily household item. Now there are also people that hire staff to do the household, and for those, I only have the following saying: You don’t hire someone to brush your teeth….

Yes, you purchase the brush, and the toothpaste, but you will have to brush your teeth yourself!

Conclusion; See cyber security as a daily item that needs to be maintained, and always be aware that you are vulnerable, but that you are in control. If you love the content of your fridge, then keep your eyes on it.

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