You will not BELIEVE how hackers leak nude pictures!

So a word about celebrities who ended up having their private photos being spread all over the Internet.

It was not a magnificent hack it seems but old fashioned getting their password. This was (probably) done using the reset my password feature. When you reset you password it often asks you questions like “What is the name of your cat”, “What is your Mother’s maiden name” and so on.

The problem is, when you get famous, the answers to these sorts of questions are often public knowledge. In the computer security world we have been warning about this for years.

Why? It does not just affect celebrities. Your are reading this on a social network and it is likely that things such as the name of your cat or which football/baseball/… team you support are not particularly difficult to work out.

So take my advice. Use two factor security, Gmail has it, even Hotmail has it. It is not hard and it may well save you some pain in the future.

Your friendly Neighbourhood Geek!

– MR A


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