The best MongoDB GUI tool for Windows, Linux and MAC OS X [2016]

If you are searching for the BEST and FREE MongoDB GUI tool, then you are at the right spot. In this post, we have listed down the best MONGODB GUI tools which you can use on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.


The default MongoDB software does not contain a GUI tool which allows you to administer and manage the Mongo Databases via a simple interface – instead, the official Mongo Database release only contains a shell which allows you to manage the Mongo databases and collections.

My experience with the Mongo Database was very good – I have installed and managed Mongo Databases on Windows and Linux environments, and from what I have seen – I could not see a big difference in the process of running and maintaining a Mongo Database. I was also able to develop a C# application which communicated with a MongoDB instance.  So when it comes to picking a database for simple solutions, my preference is currently MongoDB.

The MongoDB GUI tool for Windows, Linux and MAC OS X

The first and best MongoDB GUI tool for Windows is the RoboMongo tool which is still being developed.

RoboMongo on Windows
RoboMongo on Windows

The tool is already available for download and it works perfectly on a Windows environment. The GUI tool is straight forward and easy to use.